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What is Frot?

By: Guillaume Paumier

The following is an excerpt from FactualWorld. I found the article especially interesting with regard to the politics of Frot. Frot: The Basics Frot is a slang term that describes a form of male to male non-penetrative sex, where two men engage in the rubbing of erect penis on erect penis Read more →

The Invisible Tribe

By: Guillaume Paumier

There are a lot of same-sex attracted guys who view anal sex as debasing and emasculating. These guys tend not to identify themselves as ‘gay’ because of all the baggage that label carries with it. It’s almost as if gay men are obsessed with the anus and have no capacity Read more →

Frot Brothers Unite!

non penetrative m2m sex

The Internet is a wonderful thing! It allows groups of people who would otherwise remain marginalized to find one another. The Internet allows us to find others who share common interests and thereby help us feel a little less isolated. The past few years have brought an increase blogs and Read more →

Man to Man: Frot Manifesto

By: ND Strupler

It might seem like overstating the obvious but, chics don’t have dicks. I recently had a discussion with a cousin who was genuinely surprised when I explained to her that no, I don’t like anal sex.  Without thinking or censoring my words for my supportive, straight family members, I blurted out, “if Read more →

Gay Frot: A Second Sexual Revolution?

Gay Frot: A Second Sexual Revolution? This post was written by Joe Perez (a.k.a. Kalen O’Tolan) in October of 2005. I recently stumbled upon the post and was impressed with what Joe had to say. I contacted him to secure his permission to reprint his post here.  Please check the Read more →

Frot Appeal

Why does frottage appeal to so many guys? I have a theory that is at least partially supported by research dating back to 1948 by Alfred Kinsey and several others since his early ground-breaking research. Sexual attraction is not an either/or proposition. Many men have some level of attraction to Read more →

How to meet Frot Brothers

Maybe the greatest photo ever

I get several messages each week asking how and where to meet Frot Brothers. I wish the answer was simple and easy but from my experience, Frot Brothers tend to be more discreet and on the Down Low than their ‘out’ counterparts.  Many of them wouldn’t think of using Grindr, Read more →

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