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A New Direction

I’ve been writing for this blog or its early incarnation for over two years and I’m running out of ways to say “not every same-sex attracted man is into anal sex”. I think this message is vitally important, especially to younger men who feel erotic feelings for other men but Read more →


Maintaining a blog requires a lot of time and energy. Sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down at WordPress and go through the effort of writing a post and illustrating it with an eye-catching image that won’t get me into trouble for copyright infringement. I am very Read more →

Challenging Stereotypes


It’s rare that I find anything in mainstream gay media to get excited about. If you consider HuffPost’s “Gay Voices” to be mainstream gay media, a recent post gave me a glimmer of hope for a future in which anal sex isn’t assumed to be the norm among same sex Read more →

Sides revisited

I’ve personally written about this before but a friend sent me a link to this article yesterday. It’s an older article but validates the point I try to make with this blog. Guys On The ‘Side': Looking Beyond Gay Tops And Bottoms

My Mission to Civilize

By: Elvert Barnes

One of my loyal readers shared a link to a discussion thread on a popular, fitness oriented, gay social networking community called Real Jock. The discussion begins with a young man who states he can’t get into anal sex. (Read the thread HERE) Surprisingly, there were some very supportive responses Read more →

Guys Like Us

Every guy who is into anal sex assumes every same-sex attracted guy has the same feelings. The assumption that every dude who is into dudes is either a top or a bottom is widespread and frankly, I’m sick of it. Make it known that you’re opposed to anal sex and Read more →

Blame it on Gay Porn

gay porn over-emphasizes anal sex

I recently had a discussion with a 20-year-old man from a rural part of America. He was out on a limited basis and identified himself as a virgin. I am a Frot activist who is on a mission to educate and civilize. In fact, I consider it one of my Read more →

What is Frot?

By: Guillaume Paumier

The following is an excerpt from FactualWorld. I found the article especially interesting with regard to the politics of Frot. Frot: The Basics Frot is a slang term that describes a form of male to male non-penetrative sex, where two men engage in the rubbing of erect penis on erect penis Read more →

HIV is on the rise again (except in the Frot community)

By: Timothy Takemoto

I am pleased to offer another guest post written by one of our loyal readers. In this post, “Loverman” discusses a topic that I often overlook when I discuss frot and our community. The gay community’s bizarre obsession with the anus is a deadly one. The risks associated with anal sex Read more →

The Invisible Tribe

By: Guillaume Paumier

There are a lot of same-sex attracted guys who view anal sex as debasing and emasculating. These guys tend not to identify themselves as ‘gay’ because of all the baggage that label carries with it. It’s almost as if gay men are obsessed with the anus and have no capacity Read more →

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